www.tellcaribou.com – How to Complete the Caribou Coffee Customer Survey Online

To complete the Caribou Coffee customer survey online, you need to follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Go to the Caribou Coffee customer survey site, by entering its address into your browser. You can find that address (for the Caribou Coffee customer survey site) in the ‘links’ section at the bottom end of this article. Having gotten the address, you only need to enter it into your browser application. The browser will then transfer you to the Caribou Coffee customer survey site immediately.
  2. Once you get to the Caribou Coffee survey site, you will find a message welcoming you to the survey. Below it is a space provided for you to enter your 14-digit survey code in order to initiate the survey. So what you need to do at this stage is get hold of your Caribou Coffee receipt, take note of the survey code indicated on it, then enter that code into the space provided for it in the survey site.
  3. After entering the Caribou Coffee customer survey code, you will need to enter the time of your visit to Caribou Coffee, as indicated on your receipt. So you click on the part for hours, then select the hour from the drop down. Then you click on the part for minutes, then you select the minute from the drop down.
  4. Having entered your Caribou Coffee survey code and the time of your visit, click on the ‘Start’ button that is at the bottom end. The Caribou Coffee survey questions will then start running on your browser.

Caribou Coffee customer survey questions

The questions you will encounter in the course of the Caribou Coffee customer survey will be mostly about your most recent visit. So you are likely to encounter questions aimed at finding out whether you were satisfied with the service you received during your most recent visit to a Caribou Coffee outlet. Some of the questions will be (directly or indirectly) aimed at finding out what your expectations were as you ventured into the Caribou Coffee outlet you visited. Then Others will be aimed at finding out to what extent Caribou Coffee lived up to those expectations. You may also be given a chance, in the course of the Caribou Coffee customer survey, to give your comments or recommendations or suggestions on what you think Caribou Coffee needs to do, in order to improve its services. Because the Caribou Coffee customer survey is mainly made of simple multiple choice questions, the exercise is unlikely to take too much of your time. You should be done with the entire survey Caribou survey in as few as four or five minutes.

Caribou Coffee survey login

The only details you need to enter, in order to launch the Caribou Coffee customer survey are the survey code and the time of your visit. Both details are clearly indicated on your Caribou Coffee receipt, and yours is simply to copy them into the spaces provided for them on the survey site. After entering them, you click on the ‘Start’ button and the Caribou Coffee survey starts running immediately.


Caribou Coffee customer survey site:


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