www.kohls.com/credit — How to Apply for Kohl’s Credit Card Online

To apply for Kohl’s credit card online, you need to do as follows:

  1. Go to the Kohl’s website, by entering its address into your browser. That address (for the Kohl’s website) is indicated at the bottom end of this article, within the ‘links’ section. When you enter that address, your browser application will immediately transfer you to the Kohl’s website.
  2. Once you get to the Kohl’s website, scroll down to the very bottom end of the homepage. There, at the bottom end of the Kohl’s website’s homepage, you will find some five columns/categories of links, with titles like ‘Customer Service’, ‘Shop Kohls’, ‘My Account’, ‘Kohls Charge’ and ‘About Kohls’. And if you check under the ‘Kohls Charge’ column/category of links, you will find a link that says ‘Apply for a Kohls Charge’. Click on it.
  3. On the page that you are taken to (after having clicked on the ‘Apply for a Kohls Charge’ link), scroll down a bit, then click on the ‘Apply Now’ button that you will find at some point. It is right below where people who are applying with personal offer codes are supposed to enter them. So if you are applying after having received a Kohl’s credit card personal offer code, you enter it there, then click on the ‘Submit Code’ button to proceed. Otherwise if you don’t have the code, you simply click on the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  4. When you click on the ‘Apply Now’ button, you will be instantly taken to the Kohl’s Charge credit card application form. Fill in the required details in that form, in order to get the Kohl’s credit card. Among the details you need to enter is your first name, your middle initial and your last name. You also need to enter your address details, your home phone number and your work phone number.
  5. Other details you need to enter in the Kohl’s credit card application form include your social security number, your date of birth and your annual gross income. You will also be required to enter (and confirm) your email address.
  6. After entering all the required details, read through the information in the ‘Important Disclosures’ section. The information there includes the annual percentage rate applicable to the Kohl’s credit card, the minimum interest charge and information on how to avoid paying interest on purchases. You will also find details on the late payment fees and the returned payment fees that are applicable to the Kohl’s credit card you will be applying for. Further down are details on how your balance is to be calculated, the billing rights that you are entitled to as well as the prime rate that you are entitled to, as a Kohl’s credit cardholder.
  7. Towards the bottom end of the ‘Important Disclosures’ section, you will find information on the authorizations that you give to the Kohl’s credit card issuers, when you make the application. There is also the ‘Important information for opening a new account’. That is where you find the government requirements you have to be subjected to in the process of opening the new Kohl’s credit card account…
  8. Just read through all the information in the ‘Important Disclosures’ section. Then click on the ‘Continue to Review’ button, in order to be taken to the final phase of the Kohl’s credit card application.


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