www.heinensfeedback.com – How to Complete the Heinen’s Feedback Survey Online

To complete the Heinen’s feedback survey online, you need to do as follows:

  1. Go to the Heinen’s feedback survey site. You can find the address for the said Heinen’s feedback survey site at the bottom end of this article, within the ‘links’ section. When you enter that address into your browser, the Heinen’s feedback survey site will appear immediately.
  2. Once the Heinen’s feedback survey site appears on your browser, you will find a message welcoming you to the survey. Below that is a space provided for you to enter the 14-digit Heinen’s survey code, in order to launch the survey. So what you are supposed to do at this stage is get hold of your Heinen’s receipt, take note of the 14-digit survey code printed on it, then enter that code into the space provided for it back at the survey site.
  3. After entering the Heinen’s survey invitation code, click on the green-colored ‘Start’ button. The Heinen’s feedback survey questions will start running from that point.
  4. Answer the respective Heinen’s feedback survey questions, one after the other, until you get to the final one. In the process of answering those questions, you will get a chance to tell the Heinen’s management whether you were satisfied with the experience you got during your last visit or not. You will also have gotten a chance to give your comments, in terms of what you think Heinen’s can do to give better service to its customers in the future. And you would have earned yourself a validation code, entitling you to a 5% discount – which you can take advantage of during your next visit to a Heinen’s store.

Heinen’s feedback survey questions

Participating in the Heinen’s feedback survey essentially means providing candid answers to the survey questions. The questions are actually very simple, and they are all about your most recent visit to a Heinen’s store (and whether or not you were satisfied with the service given to you). They are multiple choice/rating questions – which means that you don’t have to spend very much time or very much energy ‘tackling’ them! That is because being multiple choice/ratings questions means that there is very little typing to be done while answering the Heinen’s feedback survey questions. After launching the Heinen’s customer survey, you will probably find yourself spending less than five minutes to complete it.

Heinen’s feedback survey login

The only detail you need to enter, in order to launch the Heinen’s feedback survey is the 14-digit survey invitation code. You can find the said code on your Heinen’s receipt, and you simply need to copy it into the space provided for it on the Heinen’s feedback survey site in order to initiate the survey.

Heinen’s feedback survey coupon code

Once you complete the Heinen’s feedback survey, you will get a coupon/validation code. It is a code that you are supposed to copy into the space provided for it on your Heinen’s receipt, in order to get a 5% discount on your next visit to a Heinen’s store.


Heinen’s feedback survey site:


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