www.americanexpress.com blue cash everyday – How to Apply for the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card

To apply for the American Express Blue Cash Everyday credit card online, you need to do as follows:

  1. Go to the American Express website, by entering its address into your browser. The address in question (for the American Express website) can be found within the ‘links’ section below. When you enter that address, your browser will immediately transfer you to the American Express website.
  2. Once you get to the American Express website, check towards the top left hand corner, and you will find a menu with items like ‘My Account’, ‘Cards’, ‘Travel’, ‘Rewards’ and ‘Business’. From that menu, click on the ‘Cards’ link. Then from the menu options that appear when you do so, click on the ‘View All Credit Cards’ link.
  3. On the screen that you are taken to, browse through the various credit cards that are on offer, until you get to the Blue Cash Everyday Card. Then click on it. (So on the page you are taken to after clicking on the ‘View All Credit Cards’ link, you scroll down towards the bottom end. While doing so, you will eventually get to a section that is entitled ‘View all cards’. Within that section on the right hand end, there is a forward arrow you can click on, to move onwards, until you find the credit card you are looking for. Just browse until you find the ‘Blue Cash Every Day Card’ and click on it.)
  4. When you click on the ‘Blue Cash Everyday Card’, two buttons namely ‘Apply Now’ and ‘View Details’ will appear on the right hand side. You can first click on the ‘View Details’ button, in order to be taken to a page with details on how the Blue Cash Everyday card works. The details you will find there include the applicable APR, the cash back you stand to earn from the card, the payment flexibility and the card acceptance details… Go through the information on that page keenly. And if after going through the details you feel that the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card is a good fit for you, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button for it.
  5. Fill in the required details in the screen that you will be taken to, in order to complete the Blue Cash Everyday credit card application. You will be required to enter, among other details, your first name, your middle initial and your last name. You will also be required to enter the name you’d like to appear on your card as well as your email address. You will then need to enter your date of birth, your mobile phone number, your home address, your social security number and your total annual income. With regard to the income, you are supposed to enter the total annual income, the non-taxable annual income (which is optional for you to enter) and the income source… Just enter all the required details, then click on the ‘Continue’ button in order to be taken to the final phase of the American Express Blue Cash Everyday credit card application. Then await for a credit decision to be made, which would culminate in you getting the American Express Blue Cash Everyday  credit card in due course.


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