www.tesco.views.com – How to Complete the Tesco Customer Survey Online

To complete the Tesco customer survey online, you need to do as follows:

  1. Enter the address for the Tesco customer survey site into your browser. You can find it (the Tesco customer survey site’s address) within the ‘links’ section below. When you enter that address into your browser application, you will be immediately transferred to the Tesco customer survey site.
  2. Once you get to the Tesco customer survey site, you may first encounter a pop-up window, with information on how the survey is administered. If you are okay with the manner the Tesco Views survey is run/with the details in the pop-up window, click on the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom end of that pop-up window.
  3. On the Tesco customer survey site’s first page, you will find a space provided for you to enter the four digit code indicated on your Tesco receipt, in order to launch the survey. So what you need to do is get hold of your Tesco receipt, take note of the four-digit code indicated on it, then enter that code into the space provided for it on the Tesco survey site.
  4. After entering the Tesco survey code into the space provided for it, click on the ‘Enter’ button. When you do this, the actual Tesco survey questions will start running on your computer.
  5. Provide answers to the Tesco survey questions, one after the other, until you complete the survey. In the course of the Tesco survey, you will have a chance to convey feedback to the Tesco management on whether or not you were served in a decent manner during your last visit (to a Tesco outlet). You will also get a chance to give your input on what you think Tesco can improve upon, in order to serve you (and other customers) in a more satisfactory manner in the future.

Tesco customer survey questions

Participating in the Tesco customer survey entails answering a series of questions on how your last visit to a Tesco store went. So you get to give indications on whether the Tesco staff members you dealt with handled you properly, whether you found what you were looking for with ease, whether the Tesco shopping experience was up to your expectations (or whether it was underwhelming)… and so on. If you allocate between five and seven minutes to the Tesco customer survey that should be more than enough time for the exercise. This is because there is very little typing to be done in the course of the Tesco survey. Most of the questions in the survey are of the variety where you give answers by clicking on option buttons.

Tesco customer survey login

The only credential you are required to enter, in order to launch the Tesco customer survey is the four-digit code from your Tesco receipt. If you can’t locate the code, click on the link that says ‘Cant find your code?’. When you do so, a pop-up window will appear, with an illustration a Tesco receipt, showing you where exactly to find the code on your receipt.


Tesco customer survey site:


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