www.tellbanfield.com – How to Complete the Banfield Online Survey

To complete the Banfield Pet Hospital’s online survey, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the TellBanfield survey site. Just enter the site’s address (which you can obtain from the ‘links’ section below) into your browser. The Banfield survey site will then load on your browser immediately.
  2. Once the Banfield survey site loads on your browser, you will find a message welcoming you to the ‘Banfield Pet Hospital Client Experience Survey’. Below it is a space provided for you to enter your Banfield survey code, in order to launch the survey. Now get hold of your Banfield invoice, take note of the survey code indicated on it, then enter that code into the space provided for it on the TellBanfield survey site.
  3. After entering the Banfield survey code into the space provided for it, click on the ‘Start’ button at the bottom end. When you do so, the Banfield Pet Hospital client survey questions will start running on your computer.
  4. Provide answers to the questions in the Banfield survey, one after the other, until you get to the very last one. By then, you will have given the people who run the Banfield Pet Hospital the feedback they need to figure out how to serve you (and other customers) well during your future visits.

Banfield online survey questions

The questions you will be expected to answer in the Banfield online survey will be mostly about your most recent visit to Banfield Pet Hospital. The survey is designed to collect candid feedback from the people who take their pets to the Banfield hospital. Through the answers you give to the Banfield customer survey, the hospital’s management gets to know for sure whether or not you were satisfied with the way you were served. They also get to know for sure if the expectations you had about the Banfield Pet Hospital were met or not, during your most recent visit. The TellBanfield survey questions also serve another purpose: of getting the hospital’s clients to give their suggestions on how things can be done, to improve their experiences. You don’t have to worry about the amount of time you will need to spend in answering the Banfield online survey questions: they are mostly multiple choice/rating questions. And this that you answer them by clicking (as opposed to typing). In the final analysis then, there is very little time or energy to be spent on the TellBanfield survey questions.

There is one main thing that you stand to get in return for sparing those few minutes to complete the Banfield client survey. And that is better service (in line with the feedback you will have given) during your future visits to the Banfield Pet Hospital.

Banfield online survey login

The only credential you will be required to enter, in order to launch the Banfield online survey is a survey code. This code is supposed to be obtained from your Banfield Pet Hospital invoice. So you just need to check through the Banfield Pet Hospital invoice, and you won’t miss survey code indicated on it. You then enter it into the spaces provided for it at the Banfield online survey site, to get the survey going.


Banfield online survey site:


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