www.saveonfoods.com/survey — How to Complete the Save-On-Foods Customer Survey Online

To complete the Save-On-Foods customer survey online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Save-On-Foods customer survey site, by entering its address into your browser. You can find that address (for the Save-On-Foods customer survey site) in the ‘links’ section below. When you enter that address into your browser, the Save-On-Foods survey site will load immediately.
  2. Once the Save-On-Foods survey site loads on your browser, you may first be required to select the language you wish to complete the survey in. So for instance, if you wish to complete the survey in English, you click on the option button for ‘English’ (if it is not selected by default), then click on the ‘Next’ arrow.
  3. On the Save-On-Foods survey site’s first screen, you will be required to fill in certain details, before proceeding any further. So you are required to specify the date when you made the purchase, the specific Save-On-Foods store you visited and the transaction code among other things. So what you should do at this stage is get hold of your Save-On-Foods receipt, take note of the purchase date indicated on it, then select that date from the drop down. After that, you select the specific Save On Foods store you visited, then enter the transaction code from your Save On Foods receipt. Further down, you will need to enter the lane number from your Save-On-Foods receipt, then specify whether or not you are over 18. You will then need to type in some random characters that you will find on the screen, to prove that you are human (and not some bot trying to undertake the Save-On-Foods customer survey).
  4. After entering the required details [date of purchase, store name, transaction code, lane number, age and the random characters on the screen], click on the ‘submit’ button. When you do so, the Save-On-Foods customer survey questions will start running.
  5. Provide answers to the Save On Foods customer survey questions, one after the other, until you get to the end of the survey. By that point, you will hopefully have provided the feedback that Save-On-Foods management needs to improve the way you are served during your future visits.

Save-On-Foods customer survey questions

Participating in the Save-On-Foods customer survey essentially means providing answers to a series of questions. These questions are mostly about the way you were dealt with during your most recent visit to a Save-On-Foods outlet. They are designed to establish whether you were satisfied with the way you were served, and whether you have any suggestions on how things can be done better.

Save-On-Foods customer survey login

The details you need to enter in order to launch the Save-On-Foods customer survey include: the date you made the purchase at the Save-On-Foods store, the store name/number, the transaction code and the lane number. All these are to be found on your Save-On-Foods receipt. On the survey site you will find an illustration of a Save-On-Foods receipt showing you where to find the respective details. You will also be required to specify whether or not you are over 18 and then enter some random characters that you will find on the survey site to prove that you are not a bot. After entering all those details, you will be in a position to access and respond to the actual Save-On-Foods customer survey questions.


Save-On-Foods customer survey site:


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