www.mygabes.com/survey — How to Complete the Gabe’s Customer Survey Online

To complete the Gabe’s customer survey online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Gabe’s customer survey site. Just enter the site’s address (which you can obtain from the ‘links’ section below) into your browser. The Gabe’s customer survey site will then load immediately.
  2. Once the Gabe’s customer survey site loads on your browser, you will find a message informing you that the Gabe’s people are “always looking for ways to improve their customers’ experiences” and that they “appreciate all feedback…” Below that are spaces provided for you to enter the date when you made your purchase at Gabe’s, as well as the store number (for the Gabe’s outlet you visited), the register number and the transaction number. All these details can be found on your Gabe’s receipt, and yours is simply to locate them, then copy them into the respective spaces on the Gabe’s survey site.
  3. After entering the date you made the purchase at Gabe’s as well as the Gabe’s store number, the register number and the transaction number, click on the ‘Submit’ button that you will find at the bottom end. The Gabe’s customer survey questions will then start running on your screen.
  4. Answer all the questions in the Gabe’s customer survey, one after the other, until you get to the last one. By then, you will have provided the feedback that Gabe’s needs to figure out how to improve your shopping experiences during your future visits. You will also have earned yourself an entry into a sweepstakes drawing, where you could win a $100 gift card.

Gabe’s customer survey questions

The Gabe’s customer survey is made up of a few simple questions, which you (as a survey participant) will be expected to provide answers to. The questions are designed to establish what your shopping experience during your last visit to a Gabe’s store was like. It is more specifically about figuring out whether or not you were satisfied with the customer service you received during your last visit to a Gabe’s outlet. It is also about figuring out whether or not the expectations you had, while venturing into the Gabe’s store, were met (and to what extent). Because they are just a few questions, and most of them are multiple choice questions, the entire Gabe’s customer survey is unlikely to take too much time or effort. If you allocate five minutes to participation in the Gabe’s customer survey, they should be more than enough.

Gabe’s customer survey login

The details you need to enter, in order to launch the Gabe’s customer survey include the date you visited the Gabe’s store, the store number, the register number and the transaction number. All these details are supposed to be obtained from your Gabe’s receipt. There is actually an illustration of a Gabe’s receipt on the survey site, showing you where to find the respective details.

Gabe’s customer survey sweepstakes

Upon completing the Gabe’s customer survey, you will be rewarded with an entry into the Gabe’s survey sweepstakes drawing: where you could win a $100 gift card. In any event, whether you win or not, participating in the survey will have given you an opportunity to relay your feedback to the people who run Gabe’s stores, for even better service in the future.


Gabe’s customer survey site:


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