www.copart.com car auction – How to Find Car Auctions on Copart

To find car auctions on the Copart website, you need to do as follows:

  1. Enter the address for the Copart website into your browser. You can find that address below, within the ‘links’ section. When you enter that address into your browser, the Copart website will load immediately.
  2. Once the Copart website loads on your browser, check at the top and you will find a menu with items like ‘Home’, ‘Find Vehicles’, ‘Auctions’, ‘Locations’, ‘Sell a Vehicle’, ‘Services’ and ‘Support’. From that menu, roll your mouse over the ‘Auctions’ link. When you do so, some three links will appear below, namely ‘Todays auctions’, ‘Auctions Calendar’ and ‘Join Auctions’. From there, click on the ‘Todays Auctions’ link.
  3. On the page that you are taken to (after having clicked on the ‘Todays Auctions’ link), browse through the various Copart auctions that are running on that particular day. Then click on the ‘View List’ for the specific one that appeals to you (or for the specific Copart car auction you set out in search of).
  4. When you click on the ‘View List’ button for any of the auctions, you will be taken to a page where you can find all the cars that will be up for bidding within that particular auction. Browse through the various cars that are available for bidding. Then click on the ‘Bid Now’ button for the specific one that appeals to you (or for the specific car you set out in search of).
  5. When you click on the ‘Bid Now’ button for any of the cars, you will be taken to a page where there is more information about that particular vehicle. Read through the information. It includes the vehicle identification number (VIN), typically with some digits redacted. It also includes odometer readings, any primary and secondary damages (because many of the auctioned vehicles are of the salvage variety), vehicle type, engine type, transmission type and fuel… among other pertinent details. If, after reading through the information you feel that the vehicle would be a good deal for you, scroll down towards the bottom end and click on the ‘Bid Now’ button for it.
  6. When you click on the ‘Bid Now’ button for any vehicle, a pop-up window will appear, within which you are supposed to sign in to your Copart account before proceeding. As required, enter your email or user ID into the space provided for it within the pop-up window. Then enter your password into the other space. (These are the login credentials you would have created when you were signing up for a Copart account. Thus, if you don’t have a Copart account, you would need to register for one before proceeding.) After entering the user ID or email address and password into the respective spaces, click on the ‘Sign Into Your Account’ button.
  7. After logging in, provide the other required details, to complete the Copart vehicle auction bid placement. If your bid is chosen, it would set in motion a series of steps that would culminate in you eventually acquiring the desired vehicle through Copart.


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