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To complete the Clarks customer survey online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Clarks customer survey site. You can find the address for that (Clarks customer survey site) at the bottom end of this article, within the ‘links’ section. When you enter that address into your browser, the Clarks customer survey site will load immediately.
  2. Once the Clarks customer survey site loads on your browser, you will find – near the top – a space where you are supposed to enter the date that is indicated on your receipt. Just get hold of your Clarks receipt, take note of the date indicated on it, then enter that date into the space provided for it (by selecting the date, the month and the year from the calendar).
  3. After entering the date of your visit to Clarks, enter the store number into the next space. It is a three digit number, and it serves to identify the specific Clarks store you shopped at. Then re-enter that store number into the space provided for its re-entry.
  4. Next you will be expected to enter the salesperson ID number that is indicated at the top of your Clarks receipt. This is a nine-digit number, and yours is simply to copy it from the receipt to the survey site.
  5. Having entered the salesperson ID number, you will next be expected to specify the time of your visit to Clarks – whether it was before noon, between noon and 5 Pm or after 5 Pm.
  6. Below that you will find the first actual Clarks survey question: on why you went to the store – whether it was just for browsing, or you went to take advantage of a sale/promotion, to make a product return or to see new product arrivals. Click on the appropriate option button for what took you to the Clarks store.
  7. You will then find questions on whether you were greeted by a Clarks sales associate in a timely manner and whether the associate trying to engage you as well as a question on what other retailers you purchase footwear from. Just provide candid answers to all these questions, then scroll down for more.
  8. The other questions you will encounter further below are likely to be on ‘the biggest factor that made you make the purchase’, whether the Clarks associate told you about ongoing promotions, and whether the Clarks sales associate asked you about your specific footwear needs.
  9. In the course of the Clarks customer survey, you are further likely to encounter questions on whether you visited an outlet store, whether the sales associate offered to measure your feet for a proper fit and whether you made a good selection of whatever you were looking for. Others would be on whether the sales associate showed you additional options above what you asked for, whether you were shown any accessory items and whether you were introduced to the loyalty program…
  10. Just provide answers to all the questions in the Clarks customer survey, and after the very last one at the bottom end, click on the ‘I am done’ button to submit the feedback.


Clarks customer survey site:


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