www.buschs.com/survey — How to Complete the Busch’s Customer Survey Online

To complete the Busch’s customer survey online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the survey page on Busch’s website, by entering its address into your browser. The address in question (for the Busch’s survey page) can be found in the ‘links’ section at the bottom end of this article. When you enter that address into your browser, you are immediately transferred to the Busch’s survey page.
  2. When you get to the survey page on Busch’s website, you will  find an instruction, at the top, to the effect that you need to have your Busch’s receipt with survey code on it before proceeding. Accordingly, get hold of your Busch’s receipt and check the survey code on it.
  3. Scroll down a bit (on the Busch’s survey page), and towards the bottom end of it, you will find a space provided for you to enter the Busch’s survey code. So enter the code you found on your Busch’s receipt into that space. Then click on the ‘Begin Survey’ button.
  4. Answer the questions in the Busch’s customer survey, one after the other, until you get to the end of the survey. By that point, you would have given the Busch’s management the feedback it needs to figure out how to serve you (and other customers) better in coming days. You would also have earned yourself an entry into a monthly drawing, where you could be one of the five lucky winners of $50 gift cards.

Busch’s customer survey questions

Busch’s customer survey is made up of some questions that survey participants are expected to give candid answers to. The questions will, for the most part, be about your most recent visit to a Busch’s outlet – especially with regard to how your experience there was like. Through the survey, Busch’s aims to know whether you were satisfied with the way you were served and whether your expectations were met. It also seeks to establish whether there are things you’d like Busch’s to keep up, whether there things you’d like Busch’s to change… and so on. In most cases, answering the Busch’s guest experience survey questions will be simply a matter of clicking on the answers that express the way you feel (as opposed to having to type in the answers by yourself). For that reason, it is highly unlikely that the Busch’s customer survey would be too time-consuming or too energy-sapping. Within five minutes or so you should have completed the Busch’s customer survey in its entirety.

Busch’s customer survey login

The only credential you will be required to provide, before proceeding with the Busch’s customer survey is the survey code. You shouldn’t have too hard a time locating the code on your Busch’s receipt – it within the section of the receipt where you are invited to take part in the survey. So you just take note of that code, and enter it into the Busch’s customer survey page, and then you are able to access and answer the Busch’s customer survey questions.

Busch’s customer survey sweepstakes

Upon completing the Busch’s customer survey, you will be rewarded with an entry into a sweepstakes drawing, where you could win a $50 gift card. Thus, besides having given you a chance to tell Busch’s people what they can do to serve you better in coming days, the survey would also earn you an entry into the $50 gift card sweepstakes drawing.


Busch’s customer survey page:


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