www.burlingtonfeedback.com – How to Complete the Burlington Customer Survey Online

To complete the Burlington customer survey online, you need to do as follows:

  1. Go to the Burlington customer survey site. Just enter the site’s address (which you can obtain from the ‘links’ section below) into your browser. The Burlington survey site will then load on your browser.
  2. Once the survey site loads on your browser, you will find a message welcoming you to ‘the Burlington customer satisfaction survey’. Below that is a space where you are supposed to enter your Burlington survey code, in order to launch the survey. So you just get hold of your Burlington receipt, and take note of the survey code you will find on the receipt. It should be within the section entitled ‘Your opinion matters’ on the Burlington receipt. Simply take note of that survey code, and type it into the space provided for it on the Burlington survey site.
  3. After entering the Burlington survey code into the space provided for it, click on the ‘Start’ button. You will then be able to access the Burlington survey questions.
  4. Answer the Burlington customer survey questions as they appear on your screen, one after the other, in order to complete the survey. By the time you complete the survey, you would have provided the feedback that the people who run Burlington need to provide even better service to you in coming days. By the end of the service, you would also have earned yourself an entry into  a sweepstakes drawing — where you could win a $1,000 Burlington gift card.

Burlington customer survey questions

At its core, the Burlington customer survey is made up of several questions, which you as a survey participant will be expected to answer. Those, for the most part, are question on how your experience during your most recent visit to a Burlington outlet was like. So the idea, on Burlington management’s part, is to know whether or not you were satisfied with the service you got during that visit. It is also to establish whether the Burlington outlet you visited actually lived up to the expectations you had (or if it went below those expectations). The questions in the Burlington survey are not too many. Furthermore, they are multiple answer/ratings questions, meaning that answering them doesn’t actually involve a great deal of typing. For those reasons, you won’t have to spent a lot of your time on the Burlington survey – four or so minutes will suffice.

Burlington customer survey login

The only thing you need to enter in order to launch the Burlington customer survey is the survey code. You are supposed to obtain the said code from your Burlington receipt, then enter it back at the Burlington survey site in order to launch the survey.

Burlington customer survey sweepstakes

Upon completing the Burlington customer survey, you get rewarded with an entry into a sweepstakes drawing, in which you could win a $1,000 Burlington gift card. Thus, on top of having given you a chance to give your feedback to the Burlington management (which could translate into better service in the future), the Burlington survey also earns you a sweepstakes entry. And that is a sweepstakes entry that could ultimately win you a $1,000 Burlington gift card prize.


Burlington customer survey site:


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