www.buehlers.com – How to Register for Buehler’s Rewards Online

To register for Buehler’s rewards online, you need to follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Go to Buehler’s website, by entering its address into your browser. You can find the address in question (for Buehler’s website) at the bottom end of this article, within the ‘links’ section. When you enter that address into your browser application, you will be immediately transferred from whichever website/webpage you were at, to Buehler’s website.
  2. Once you get to Buehler’s website, check at the top left hand corner, and you will find a menu icon – the one that is made of some three small horizontal bars. Click on the said menu icon. When you do so, a menu will appear below, with items like ‘Shop’, ‘Weekly Ad’, ‘My Store’, ‘Recipes’, ‘Coupons’… and so on. If you check further down in that menu, you will find a ‘Rewards’ link. Click on it.
  3. When you click on the ‘Rewards’ link, you will be immediately transferred to the Buehler’s Rewards page. Scroll down that page, and you will eventually find a green-colored button that says ‘Register for Advantage Card’. Click on that button.
  4. Fill in the form that you will find in the page you will be taken to, to become a member in the Buehler’s rewards program. Among the details you will be required to enter is an email address. So this means that you need to have a working email address, before proceeding to attempt to register for Buehler’s rewards. Just fill in the form to complete the registration. After registering, you would be in a position to start earning rewards whenever you shop at Buehler’s stores, whenever you dine in Buehler’s restaurants, and whenever you fuel at Buehler’s gas stations.

How to check Buehler’s rewards balance

To check Buehler’s rewards balance, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Buehler’s website. Just enter the website’s address (which you can find in the ‘links’ section below) into your browser. Buehler’s website will then load on the browser.
  2. Once Buehler’s website loads on your browser, click on the menu icon [the three small horizontal bars] that you will find at the top left hand corner. So just click on that menu icon, then from the menu which appears, click on the ‘Rewards’ link.
  3. Scroll down the page that you will be taken to, until you get to the section with the ‘My Account’ or ‘Login’ buttons (they are green-colored). Click on either the ‘My Account’ or the ‘Login’ buttons.
  4. On the screen that you will be taken to (after having clicked on either the ‘Login’ or the ‘My Account’ buttons), you will find spaces provided for you to enter your username and password in order to log in. Enter  your email address – the one you used to register for Buehler’s rewards – into the space provided for it. Then enter your password into the other space. Then click on the ‘Log In’/’Sign In’ button in order to log in. After thus logging in, you can proceed to check your Buehler’s rewards balance, and to review the various transactions through which you earned the rewards.


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