www.aldi.us gift card balance – How to Check Aldi Gift Card Balance Online

To check Aldi gift card balance online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Aldi website, by entering its address into your browser. You can find the said address (for the Aldi website) in the ‘links’ section below. When you enter that address into your browser, you will be immediately transferred to the Aldi US website.
  2. When you get to the Aldi US website, scroll down to the very bottom end. There, towards the bottom end, you will find a small section with a series of social media icons – including the Facebook icon, the Twitter icon, the Instagram icon, the Pinterest icon… and so on. Now right below those icons is a menu with items like ‘CA supply chains act’, ‘CA Privacy rights’, ‘online privacy notice’, ‘terms of use’… and so on. You will notice that one of the links in that menu is the ‘Gift card balance’ link. Click on it.
  3. On the screen that you will be taken to (after having clicked on the ‘gift card balance’ link), scroll down a bit, until you get to the section that is entitled ‘check your gift card balance’. Within that section are spaces provided for you to enter your Aldi gift card number with no spaces and the card’s security code respectively. As required, enter your Aldi gift card number, without spaces, into the place provided for it. Then enter your gift card’s security code into the other space.
  4. After entering your Aldi gift card number and security code into the respective spaces, click on the checkbox that says ‘I am not a robot’ and complete whichever captcha challenge that may be given to you. Then finally click on the blue-colored button that says ‘check your balance’ and your Aldi gift card balance will be displayed on the screen for you.

Aldi gift card number: how to find the Aldi gift card number

One of the credentials you need to enter in order to view your Aldi gift card balance is the card number. The question that arises is as to where exactly to find the number. The answer is this: the Aldi gift card number is to be found just above the card’s barcode, and below the card’s terms and conditions. So if you take an Aldi gift card, you will notice that there is a barcode on it. And if you check just above the bar code, you will see a long number. That is the Aldi gift card number, and what is expected of you is to enter the last 19 digits of it.

Actually on the Aldi website’s gift card balance checking page, you will find an illustration of an Aldi gift card, showing you where exactly to find the card number. What you need to do then is get hold of the gift card, take note of the card number, then enter that number into the space provided for it on the Aldi gift card balance check page. The instruction you will find is for you to enter the number with no spaces between the digits.

Aldi gift card security code: how to find the Aldi gift card security code

The Aldi gift card security code is adjacent to the gift card number: somewhere just above the card’s barcode. Again, on the Aldi gift card balance check page, there is an illustration of the gift card, showing you exactly where to find the security code.


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